European Electronic Toll payment

with a single device

European Electronic Toll payment with a single device

EETS is an acronym that stands for European Electronic Toll Service. It regulates the interoperability of toll payment systems within the European Union, and its goal is for all road users in Europe to have access to the Electronic Toll Service with a single onboard device.

Nowadays, one of the greatest challenges for European cargo truck fleets is to navigate the confusing world of European electronic toll systems.


In the case of road toll payment by the EETS onboard device, the toll payment is automatic, all you need to make sure is that the device is in a switched-on and functioning mode and that the money to pay the balance of the trip is available on it (in the case of PRE-PAID system payment).

Advantages of using the EETS BOX:

  • A single device with European coverageEfficiency: travel across Europe, without lost time or stoppage
  • Customized road toll payment for companies of all sizes
  • From one vehicle to fleets
  • Taking advantage of discounts provided by the operators of road toll systems
  • PRE-PAID or later payment for tolls (POSTPAID)
  • Transparent accounting
  • Itemized trip-by-trip report
  • One device, one contract, one invoice
  • 7/24 support

The EETS serves toll mandated road use by providing an electronic payment option and money transfer between the participants of toll collection.

The essence of EETS toll payment

With its help the user (driver, company, transporter) can pay the toll collectors in a simple and smooth way. The service allows the road users to easily fulfil their payment obligation anywhere in the territory of the EU by contracting a single service provider through the onboard unit (OBU). As a result of the EETS the tollbooth cash payment option has been reduced and the quality of transport improved greatly by the reduction of traffic jams.

By contraction the proper service provider an experienced transport company can pre-plan routes across several countries through the onboard unit, and thanks to the various payment methods can pay for the tolls from one place. The goal of the European Electronic Toll Service was to create a transparent system, and achieve short as well as long term improvements in travel, such as reducing environmental damage / environmental stress, and thanks to optimized transit traffic the principle of proportionality and fairness on toll payment as well as interoperability between countries.


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